How Quality Content Helps Business Resilience

Undeniably, the presence of today will be different from the reality of tomorrow but it definitely gives us a glimpse into tomorrow.  COVID-19 pandemic has left the Nigerian economy in excruciating pain and many businesses small and big with critical uncertainties. It is true what Mckinsey said:

“Economic downturns are impossible to predict and sure as sunrise…”

The economic downturn of 2020 is the most challenging to many and the very beginning of success to others who have thrived online. But should businesses remain on the ground because of the present threats and risks? Still on economic downturns, Mckinsey shows the vital need for business resilience:

“Build resilience now, because when the sun comes up, you’d better be moving.”

What Role Does Digital Content Play

The importance of business resilience cannot be under-emphasized because that is the key to proactive decision-making and ensuring long term business continuity. Without business resilience, your business cannot stay relevant when circumstances change. In line with this, many businesses like FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) companies have heeded the advice from KPMG in Nigeria. 

On the topic The Impact of COVID-19 on the Nigerian Consumer and Industrial Market, KPMG said 

“The medium to long term on Retail and E-commerce is to measure and optimize social media strategy and enable digital channels… as the adoption of online shopping would likely increase post COVID-19.”

More than ever, Nigerian restaurants and many other businesses broke into the online shopping world in 2020 and began offering online orders and home deliveries knowing that such measures would help them to nurture and retain their customers after this COVID-19 pandemic. This is exactly what businesses need right now: adapting to the changes brought by COVID-19 while maintaining the continuity of the business. In other words they have developed resilience. The most vital way to build business resilience is through good digital content.

 Whether internal content for employees or external content for the customers. Every business needs to provide seamless information to grow online because conversion depends on information. content marketing

Awesome Ways Quality Content Can Build a Resilient Business

Quality content is armed with SEO know-how, not just a head-turning headline. It is a hook that grabs the attention of your audience anywhere with a unique voice, making them want more. For a business to be resilient, its nerve must be centered on monitoring material risks that could lead to downturn-related economic impacts, deciding how the organization will manage these impacts faster and executing them. These can only be done through quality content. Good content does not just help a business to survive. It helps it grow limitlessly. Below are the benefits of quality content to business resilience: 

  • Create opportunities and expose you to a larger audience: Quality content builds a connection with other businesses thus establishing a strong network. When you write good content, your audience takes note and is likely to share it. Every share takes you closer to your audience, promotes your brand and creates awareness for you. 
  • Improve trust with customers: quality content helps you nurture leads and improves consumer trust. As you frequently share quality content, your audience sees and shares it. This helps brand recall and engagement. The consumers will hardly forget your brand name and the value you offer.
  • Build internal resilience: Internal marketing is a very powerful tool. There should be content for employees. As long as the employees’ portal is up to date, articulated, categorized, thoroughly organized and easy to access, employees respond to urgent tasks. With internal resilience, external resilience is easily achieved.
  • Greater return: Irrespective of how you produce your good content, it is a lot cheaper than other forms of advertising because content marketing remains today’s marketing and it attracts more site traffic than any other.
  •  Stay in touch: These days, businesses depend on lots of online platforms to reach more eyes because there are more eyes on the internet than on the roads looking out for ads. This has made digital content very vital. It keeps your finger on the pulse of your target audience so that you know when to adjust and evolve.
  • Build a brand identity: There are various companies and websites with the same kind of products and content but in-depth content writing showcases your brand’s uniqueness, makes you stand out and promotes your existence by attracting many following. This places you as a primary resource that your customers need to pay attention to and makes you gain their trust. The more they rely on you for resources, the more likely they will rely on you to make purchases.  No matter the direction of the market, you evolve, grow and still retain your customers. 
  • Steady growth: providing a ton of clever and helpful content for your audience makes you visible and generates traffic. This brings steady growth in the number of leads that you get. Make sure to update issues through quality content.
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The year 2020 is almost over and successfully scaling through 2021 might seem an uphill task, but do not be afraid. Take to heart the same advice we have for all our clients. We are with you, keep your focus on remaining resilient and evolve as you ride through the harsh wind of economic downturn.

Our team of professional content strategists and talented copywriters will always make sure that the content about you and your products are adjusted to the changes that relate to their supply and demand.  

Stay resilient.

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