We’ve worked with many to create and enhance value through products, contents and experiences. you will find some selected clients (co-conspirators & friends) below.

Gov't & non-profit

Revibra Europa

For the NGO actively working to – support Brazilian victims of violence in Europe, help keep immigrant mothers united with their children & championing the fight against racism. we lightened their load with a lite website.


A deal with care

We worked with ADWC on a research-led initiative for a new online product to help Scandinavian lovers of African art with modest budgets discover and buy art directly from artisans in Africa.

News & entertaiment


Roar wanted to get louder and bolder with their anti poaching campaign and we were their first call. Our editorial team lent their ink to the cause and our strategists provided design insights and a clear campaign strategy.


The community strategy and leadership training firm consulted us for their digital initiative. we worked with their design team and  strategists to develop the “Awelle umbrella” –  an interactive web app to engage professionals and challenge students.



A travel app for “untourists” and lifestyle brand for people who hate lifestyle brands, Parodee is the ultimate cool friend that knows all the right places. We helped make it so. our service and experience design teams made Parodee feel like a lifestyle instead of a webapp.



We have helped multiple brands and teams with most aspects of the Lazada ecosystem. Currently we are working with teams and businesses to create new products and to seamlessly board the accelerator program.

Oil & gas


We have managed multiple campaigns and internal communications projects for the oil & gas giant. we are  currently working with the teams to get the word out for a new sustainable  and Eco friendly product.


Tech Bazarr

We developed an inventory management system for the pro-grade gadget shop and developed an onboarding system integrated into the website for companies to easily onboard and get VAT deductible office gadgets.


Tai watiki

For the innovative beauty brand we built an e-commerce platform, driven by a unique way to discover exciting looks to go with the maximalist lifestyle


Tech bazar

We developed an inventory management system for the pro-grade gadget shop and developed an onboarding system integrated into the website for companies to easily onboard and get vat deducted office gadgets.



We are providing local strategy, design and development to PayPal on multiple key initiatives across their product ecosystem in key West African markets.

Health care

The global fitness brand partnered with us to develop an interactive wellness experience. we designed and tested ‘core 2.0’ – a virtual health and wellness tour set in Bali island.

What our clients say about us

My experience with has been incredible from the start, the onbarding was smooth with an organized team. we can't do what we do now without them and we are especially grateful to have Aisha Niehlsen as our Liaison . she goes above and beyond for our brand and she's a joy to work with.
Paul McCormick
Content director, iflix
Dhrop is a reliable strategic partner, they provide us with content creation and manage our digital marketing efforts. their agility is mostly evident in their continued desire to learn our complex industry and target our audience.
David Oyodele
communication officer, Tafsan Beverages
We’ve used Dhrop on a few projects to accelerate delivery. Since then, generating authentic content for our clients has been a snap! Now, I can’t imagine projects without them as our extended team.​
David Kohen
Project manager, Adlabs LLC
Dhrop has always represented our company with quality product, both media and print. Their grasp of the concepts and nuance we are trying to convey is proven by their exceptional work.
Evelyn Dickerson
General Manager, KSP
I highly recommend them for their internet marketing and web development services but it's their creativity that seals the deal for me. Their ideas are vibrant and innovative.
Hein Ole Kock
Founder, ADWC Ltd

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