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I’ve been using Dhrop for the past few months. Since then, generating the listings and content for our weekly newsletter has been a snap! The content on our blog has been more than in-depth, it has been engaging. We have seen the value of quality content and search engines have noticed too.
Norma Cooper
Founder, Spirit beverages
It is very important to have valuable custom content BEFORE you spend your hard-earned money on promotion. my campaigns have been an ease with automated content delivery from Dhrop. it's a system I can rely on and I wouldn't want to do it another way.
Modu Kane
Communications officer, SWKfitness
I've learnt that the best way to get the best results is to find the right people, and when content marketing is involved; Dhrop is the right people. I had a smooth onboarding with the creative director and it was clear from the beginning that I was in good hands. I hope this might help someone else in the Future.
Charlotte Lemonniere
Head of Marketing, Diasporic Narratives

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